Apple iPod & iPhone 3G/3GS Opening Toolkit

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Compatible with:

iPods and iPhone 3G & 3GS ONLY (NOT for use on iPhone 4/4S and newer, see below)

If the 3G/3GS Toolkit is out of stock then you can still use the 4/4S Toolkit for replacing iPhone 3G/3GS parts! Click Here: Apple iPhone 4/4S Complete Opening Toolkit

Apple iPhone 4/4S Complete Opening Toolkit
This is a brand new toolkit for iPods and the iPhone 3G/3GS and comes with the following tools.

  • Flat blade Screwdriver
  • Cross-head/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pair of non-marking plastic opening tools
  • Pair of Plastic Plectrum

PLEASE NOTE: This toolkit is NOT for use on the iPhone 4/4S or newer devices as it DOES NOT contain the torx/pentalobe 5-star screwdriver for the security lower screws. You can get a kit suitable for all newer model on our tool section.