Double-Sided Adhesive Tape - 10 mm Width

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Double Sided Adhesive Tape - 10 mm Width
This superbly strong double sided adhesive (clear in colour) is most commonly used in sticking display assemblies down on Apple iPhones and iPads but is universal and can be used in many repair circumstances.

This tape is repair-industry well renowned for being used in re-fitting of display assemblies in Apple devices safely, securely and quickly. This roll is approx 25 metres in length and enough to refit about 100 iPhone screens but can be used on any device and in most applications from sticking a cable or battery down to holding an iPad screen firmly in place.
We do offer a 2 mm wide version of this tape which some customers find easier to work with on smaller devices but we tend to supply many customers with both sizes of tape.

PLEASE NOTE: This adhesive is very strong when applied to clean and dry surfaces that have all of the old adhesive removed and de-greased.