iPod Touch 4th Gen Screen LCD & Digitizer Assembly in Black

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Compatible with:
iPod Touch 4th Gen ONLY

This is a brand newiPod Touch 4th Gen Screen LCD & Digitizer Assembly in Black & FREE Adhesive Set.

This will help repair your iPod Touch 4th Gen if you have a broken, smashed or failed screen. As this part comes as a complete unit with a GENUINE LCD screen then this will also cure most problems to do with LCD failure, white or blank screen or the infamous "ink stain" look on the screen.

WARNING: You CANNOT replace just the glass on these screens as it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the glass from the LCD without damaging the LCD completely unless you have the correct machinery. Unfortunately some retailers sell only the glass, it is a CON and preys on people that do not know the facts and wastes their time and money.

This is 100% brand new and is the highest grade reproduction replacement screen for the iPod Touch 4th Gen, it is a factory assembled HYBRID part, made up of a OEM quality outer glass but includes a GENUINE LCD screen for image clarity. The outer glass also has the OEM "Oleophobic" fingerprint resistant coating and has TOUGHENED glass as per the original screen.

The best of both worlds with GENUINE QUALITY and REPRODUCTION PRICE.